My Novel

Life Amongst the Giants

Synopsis Draft

“Throughout her sheltered life, Lillian never thought their two worlds would collide. She never dreamed of it, because every way she imagined always ended in death. But here she is, still alive, and there he is. She only has about a million questions.”

         Lillian Zurec, a young girl who’s lived in a burrow her whole life, is one of the only girls left in her generation. Plagued by famine and monster attacks, her tribe is on the verge of collapse. Still, she wishes more than anything to take on the mantle of chief, just like her father.

         Mary Zurec, the second of only two girls in their generation, has also lived in a burrow her whole life. Wishing to do everything she can for her tribe, she promises to take on the mantle of caretaker, just like her mother. Although that means a life completely underground, she is afraid of anything more.

The girls train hard in each of their goals. It’s a simple life, but it’s as safe as humans can get in this world. Their burrow keeps them safe from monsters, and the forest protects them from the worst monsters of all. As long as Tribe Zurec stays hidden in the forest, they will not attack. At least, that’s what the tribe thought.

         When a neighboring tribe is attacked and killed by the most dangerous monsters of all, Tribe Zurec’s fight for survival turns from hard to impossible. The capaemen, the dominant species of the world, are hunting them. Standing over fifty feet tall, and extremely intelligent, these reptilian giants are impossible for Tribe Zurec to fight. Both Lillian and Mary feel completely powerless.

         However, as these two girls go on their separate quests, they learn they can do more than they think. In fact, they may be the only ones who can save their tribe. As one girl is whisked away to an enemy tribe, the other finds her world colliding with someone she’d never expected to meet. Together, but separate, can these young girls do the impossible? Can they really save their tribe? One thing’s for sure; they may be small, but even the small can make huge ripples.

As of right now, the manuscript is currently finished. It is going through the publishing and editing process. I will give more info when the publication date gets closer.

(For more information on the novel, refer to the submenus of this page.)

Character art by an artist friend of mine;

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