Want more content but frustrated with my upload schedule? (I know, I frustrate myself.) Here is some bonus content to tide you over. This is the video page. Enjoy 🙂

Stop motion short film: The Dreosaur.

This was the first time I got to do something for Life Amongst the Giants for one of my school projects. This is a dreosaur, one of the biggest creatures of the Giant Wilds. It’s my first stop-motion film, and I’m so proud of how it turned out!

Special Bonus Video: (Not on Youtube), My Remediation Project for School. How to Market on Social Media

(I’m not ready to upload this kind of video to Youtube yet because I do not yet have a lot of followers. I will upload a video like this on the channel when I have a big following and a better perspective.)

Early Upload: The Web Method Bonus

This was a class assignment I’m turned into a Youtube video. This is the original version, where I show my face.

The Youtube version has my avatar.


Inspire by ASHUTOSH​ Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream:​ Music promoted by Audio Library

My Artist’s Block

Recently, I haven’t posted a video. Like, at all. I attempted to post some but ended up not liking them. I had myself on this strict schedule, wanting to post videos once a week or every other week. It drained me and I didn’t produce content that was of the quality I wanted.

Fast forward a couple months. I get assigned to make a film in my video art class. It could be about anything, as long as you use footage that is not your’s.

Being the anime lover I am, naturally, I chose to make an AMV. It is posted below.

And I realized… I’ve been going about this all wrong. This is MY channel, and I do what I want. I upload when I want and my content is what I WANT to make. All these deadlines are killing me. No more. The video will be ready when it’s ready.

The song is “Straight to the End” by Fabvl. The characters are Killua from Hunter x Hunter, and Zenitsu from Demon slayer. All footage and music belongs to their original artists!

Check out Fabvl’s song here:

Second Trailer Bonus Video – My Art Style Journey

Original Trailer: Bonus Video

The original trailer is no longer viewable to the public, but I am still proud of where I came from!