Yes I do commissions! Here are the deals and how to sign up!



General prices are shown below. May vary depending on the amount of detail you want.


These are the cheapest option, and will also be the quickest for me to complete.

Expect a super rough sketch to be sent to you in a few days, so you can review and make changes. Once you’re satisfied with changes, I will ask for you to pay.

After we have agreed on changes, I will implement them and add hard lines and definition to the sketch. Expect the final sketch to be sent to you within a week!


This is more professional, therefore will take me longer.

Expect a sketch in a week or less. When you receive the sketch, you may suggest changes. In a few days I will give you the updated sketch. If you approve, I will take your payment and go forward with the digital.

Digital will take me up to two weeks. Sometimes more, depending on my schedule. I will give you an estimate on how long it may take then let you know when it’s done.

Digital is hard, but very rewarding!

How to contact me?


(may take a few days for me to respond)

Twitter (most reliable)


Respond to a post and we can DM!